Macbeth Essay Topics

Macbeth is the most famous of all tragic literature ever written. It is a play written with a whole lot of literary intricacies, stretching from its use of symbols, themes, characterization, and plot structure, among others. You may find the text very romantic base on its appealing subject matter, tragic scenes and occurrences, intelligent choice of diction, sustaining suspense, exciting conflict, climax, and denouement. However, a critical analysis of Macbeth essay ideas and a concise revelation of the Macbeth essay themes may be quite challenging—especially when your professor requires detailed information in your textual analysis and the onus of proving every point lies on you. Solving all these puzzles has always been quite demanding for many, but the use of the right approach makes it the easiest. So, let’s take a quick look at some impressive Macbeth essay topics with necessary breakdowns to guide you in the mastery of the text.


It suffices to say that though Macbeth essay is not usually treated in most high schools, classes specialized in the art of literature may allot or assign you with some relatively simple essay topics that do not require too explicit details. Such as:

  1. Discuss the significance of witches and their role in the play.

  2. With reference to two or more examples, discuss the author’s use of imagery in the play.

  3. Discuss the role of hallucination and vision play in the character of Macbeth.

  4. Is morality the central theme of the play?

  5. Does the play end with justice and fairness?

  6. Who is responsible for the death of Duncan?

  7. Was there a significant relationship between the prophecy and the kingship of Macbeth?

  8. What role do the witches play in tempting characters in a bid to avoid some possible outcomes in the play?

  9. What was the relevance of children in the play, and what were their roles?

  10. What do you suggest could be the central theme of the play and why?

  11. Does Macbeth’s vision of the dagger signify his guilty conscience?

  12. What was the climax of the play?

  13. How was Shakespear able to bring about a final resolution in the play?

  14. Compare and contrast the character of Duncan and Macbeth in the play?

  15. Why does the author emphasize the supernatural and what was the significance of the supernatural in the play?

  16. Which character was heroic, and what were the heroic activities carried out by the character in the play?

  17. Which character in the play serves as the villain? Justify your position.

  18. Act v. scene 1 portrays the concept of the destruction of order. Discuss.

  19. Discuss the complexity of Macbeth’s character.

  20. Discuss the common view of Banquo’s ghost in the play.


This category has a quite number of impressive essay topics suggesting elucidation on the subject matter of the play—it is no gainsaying that, an author’s creative piece and every form of literature, leaves the reader with an open-ended thought and imagination in conceptualizing the literary piece. Thus, an argumentative paper capable and worthy of its conspicuous value should express the salient issues of a text critically with the use of an appropriate methodology. Here are some of the thought-provoking argumentative essay topics for Macbeth:

  1. Do the liberties of history employed by the author in the play enhance the story?

  2. Was there any significant justice at the end of the play?

  3. Was there any symbolic representation of blood in the text?

  4. Was the fear of the extraterrestrial or supernatural consequential to the actions of Macbeth?

  5. Was the prophecy consequential to Macbeth becoming a king?

  6. Is Macbeth guilty of his actions and inactions?

  7. Does the prophecy of the witch have any significance in the character of Banquo?

  8. Do you agree that Macbeth, Banquo, and Macduff are all replica of the same character?

  9. Was there any essential role played by the witches in the play?

  10. Was there any form of manipulation through the author’s representation of a family relationship in the play?

  11. Is Macbeth more heroic than his wife in the play?

  12. What was most instrumental to Macbeth’s fate; his actions or the prophecy?

  13. Who should be held responsible for Duncan’s death?

  14. Can you categorize Macbeth as a moral play?

  15. Are minor characters more relevant in the play than major characters?

  16. Is Macbeth’s wife more responsible for the death of King Duncan than Macbeth himself?

  17. Is death a significant factor for determining fate in the play?

  18. Was there any gender inequality in the play?

  19. Is suicide the appropriate action to be undertaken by Macbeth’s wife in the play?

  20. Do you agree that phantoms influenced Macbeth’s character in the play?


These may seem to be the most challenging task for some college-level student. The literary analysis represents a critical appraisal of text and concise or explicit expression of the mastery of any literary piece with a critical overview targeted at capturing the issues and salient matters discussed by the author in his work. Your professor might be introducing you to some literary analysis paper, which thus makes it inevitable for you as an English student or literature major student to be well acquainted with the intricacies of literary analysis. Thus, let us take a look at some relevant and most important Macbeth literary analysis essay topics to guide you in your study:

  1. A critical analysis of the role played by morality in the play

  2. The development and evolution of Macbeth’s character in the play

  3. The inconsistency between appearance and the unfolding reality in the play

  4. The connection between fate and fear

  5. The significance of the supernatural in the play

  6. The relationship between the use of language and the significance of gender imbalance in the play

  7. The relevance of dreams in “Macbeth.”

  8. The role of social discrepancy hierarchy in the play

  9. The different phase of gender inequality in the play

  10. Analyze Shakespear’s use of symbols in the play

  11. What does fear represent in the play?

  12. To what extent are fate, prophecy, and supernatural relevant to the characters in the play

  13. The thematic structure of the play


Writing the essay prompts for Macbeth is more often subjective, and this is because of the limited time available to complete them. The fact that you will still be writing them in your classroom during learning means you will not have to necessarily refer to any direct quote from the play or any other secondary source as the case may be. Thus, you are at liberty to express your thought or reveal your point of view on the subject matter here. Here are some salient essay topics for Macbeth which you may have to write in your literature or English exam:

  1. Do you have an alternative title to the play?

  2. Give the play a different ending or resolution different from the one given in the text with critical and relevant justifications

  3. Analyze the various forms of death represented by the author in the play and the role played by fear as a contributive factor to suicide in the play.

  4. Compare and contrast the character of Macbeth and Banquo

  5. Does the author represent the character of Macbeth as a tragic hero?

  6. What significance does the witch’s prophecy have on the character of Macbeth and Banquo?

  7. Who is to be blamed for Duncan’s death? And does Macbeth’s wife have a direct responsibility contributory to the death of King Duncan in the play?

  8. At what point in the play did the conflict reach its climax?

  9. Analyze the tragedy of Macbeth in the text

  10. Critically analyze justice as reflected by the author in the play

  11. What effect does the supernatural have on the characters in the play?

  12. What role does fate play in the character of Macbeth?

  13. Did Macbeth play a more important role than his wife in the play?

  14. How was irony used as a literary device in the play?

  15. How evil is the character of Lady Macbeth in the play?

  16. What was Shakespear’s view concerning women characters in the play?

  17. What was the connection between somnambulism or sleepwalking and the character of Lady Macbeth in the play?

All of these are incredible and interesting essay topics for Macbeth which avail you the opportunity to choose and make a critical or thought-provoking analysis. Peradventure you, however, perceived the task to be enormous to discharge; you can contact our team of professionals. It is our fundamental duty here on this platform to easy you of unnecessary stress and burden associated with any of your academic writing assignments. Our credibility and ability, to deliver just the best you deserve and earn you the highest grade, is second to none.